The England captain may receive a yellow card immediately after the start of the match

If the England football captain keeps his promise and shows up in Monday’s match against Iran with the LGBT+ “rainbow” armband on his arm, Harry Kane will receive a yellow card immediately after the match begins. In it, she said that the laws of the International Federation of Football Associations do not allow players to put them in matches.

“Harry Kane” will also be punished with a second yellow card as soon as he appears with a similar badge on his arm in a second match, then he will be subjected to the maximum FIFA penalty, that is, with a red card raised by the referee, according to which the famous striker is automatically prevented from playing and expelled from the field, if the stamped badge appears Usually With the words OneLove on his arm in a third match, he worried, so we hear him talk about it in the video shown.

Harry Kane is not alone in the battle that “crisis talks” took place on Sunday evening, amid the FA’s insistence on “taking a moral stand” on putting the badge, in his opinion, calling for “respect for gay rights and equality in general.” However, the custodians of the federation were concerned yesterday that Kane might get a yellow card if he wore the badge, because they previously believed that the penalty for violating FIFA laws might only be a fine.

What is known is that England is one of 9 countries whose players have OneLove armbands, and that their teams are pressing FIFA to allow the badges that have been banned due to conservative norms, so those countries have made their position clear in the talks.

As for Virgil van Dijk, captain of the Dutch national team, he said before his team’s match against Senegal: “If I get a yellow card because of my armband, we will have to discuss it because I do not like playing while I wear yellow,” as he put it.

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