The Egyptian Parliament moves after seizing coffee made of plaster

In the first reaction to A famous coffee set made of tile and gypsum powder In Egypt, the parliament moved quickly to confront the phenomenon of fraud in commodities and foodstuffs.

Representative Mahmoud Qassem submitted a briefing request to the government, asking about the existence of a large factory that produces coffee from gypsum in a large city in Gharbia Governorate without supervision, calling for intensifying control campaigns on various companies and factories that produce and manufacture food commodities.

He pointed out that the videos spread about the adulterated coffee product show that these factories manufactured it in an “inhumane manner” and placed it in bags belonging to a specialized company, which shocked citizens, calling for tougher penalties for the owners of these factories that aim to reap large financial profits at the expense of health. Citizens.

For his part, Representative Shehata Abu Zeid, a member of the Industry Committee in the House of Representatives, submitted another request for a briefing, calling on the government to take punitive measures to prevent the spread of adulterated and infected food and to close factories that operate without a license and use materials that do not conform to specifications, which endangers the health of citizens and negatively affects the industry.

A video clip of the process of seizing an unlicensed tea-producing factory and a popular coffee drink terrified the Egyptians. The video revealed the presence of millions of packages of tea and the famous coffee drink in an unlicensed factory in Gharbia Governorate, which are produced from unknown materials.

The video shows that the factory produces a famous coffee drink from tile powder and white cement, and it also counterfeits trademarks of major companies producing tea, coffee and sweets.

The authorities raided the factory, where they seized packages of all adulterated products, with a total of 5 million packages and three tons of raw materials.

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