The Egyptian Central Bank raises the price of the dollar to a new level…and important statements by Sisi

Despite the calm and stability in the exchange market in Egypt, the Central Bank of Egypt announced a new increase in the exchange rate of the dollar against the pound.

According to the data, the exchange rate of the US green note within the Central Bank of Egypt rose to 29.83 pounds for purchase, compared to 29.92 pounds for sale.

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The highest dollar exchange rate came at the Arab Investment Bank, at 29.87 pounds for purchase, and 29.92 pounds for sale. And in 20 banks led by the Commercial International Bank of Egypt and the Levant, the dollar exchange rate recorded a level of 29.82 pounds for purchase, compared to 29.92 pounds for sale.

The lowest dollar exchange rate in 4 banks, led by the National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr, was at 29.72 pounds for purchase, compared to 29.82 pounds for sale.

In statements on the occasion of the 71st Police Day, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that the world’s largest and most advanced economies are suffering as a result of the global economic crisis, and the developments of the international scene have affected the world with extremely complex events, starting from Corona and ending with the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, which are events that did not happen. Decades ago, it negatively affected the countries of the world.

He added that there is a large country that is exposed to non-payment of its debts, according to the International Monetary Fund, stressing that Egypt is on its way and will pass through this stage
And he continued: “In Egypt, our job is to mitigate the effects of what is happening on the inside, and the government bears the largest part and does not burden the citizens, and despite the foregoing, I know that the effects of the crisis are especially on the low-income people, and our people in the most needy areas.”

President El-Sisi pointed out that the Egyptian people succeeded in preserving their state and its historical gains in the face of the unprecedented events that the country witnessed, including political, economic and security fluctuations, heading towards the establishment of the new republic.

He said that fate wanted January 25 not only to be a police holiday, but also to be a symbol of the spirit of defiance and a symbol of the ability of the Egyptian people who stood in the face of the usurping occupier, and a symbol of the Egyptians’ ability to face the challenges and the impossible even today to provide us with uninterrupted amounts of challenge and steadfastness in the unprecedented events that took place. experienced by the country.

The Egyptian president stressed that the economy cannot take off and grow without infrastructure.

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