“The Dream” .. FIFA reveals the official ball for the semi-finals and finals of the 2022 World Cup

FIFA revealed the official match ball for the semi-finals and finals world Cup FIFA Qatar 2022, which bears the name “The Dream”, to replace the official ball used in the tournament matches so far..

And using the latest technology in ball design, the “dream” will carry the same technology used in the remaining matches, which is based on the “connected ball” system, a technology that has proven impressively successful in identifying cases of offside more quickly and accurately in this World Cup. It relies on players’ position data to provide the video assistant referees with real-time information that enables them to make optimal decisions, which adds more smoothness to the match-following experience..

ball final
ball final

By matching ball data from its sensor with artificial intelligence, this technology supports the semi-automated offside detection system, enabling it to accurately identify the moment the ball was played during not entirely obvious offside situations..

In this regard, Johannes Holzmuller, Director of Innovation and Football Technology at FIFA, said, “By developing connected ball technology, I made sure to provide an additional level of information available to the video assistant referees, as the data received from the ball provides valuable information that will provide the opportunity to provide explanations About unique moments on the pitch during this edition of the World Cup“.

Environmental protection was also taken into account in the design of this ball, as all important aspects in this regard were taken into account, making the “dream” the first ball in the history of official balls used in the semi-finals and finals of the World Cup to be made exclusively of water-based inks and adhesives..

The design of this ball is based on a golden ground and has small triangular shapes, in an image inspired by the sparkling deserts that surround the city of Doha. The “dream” also includes the color of the original World Cup trophy as well as the Qatari flag pattern..


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