The dispute over the luxurious “Beverly Hills” mansion returns between a Saudi prince and his ex-wife

The dispute between a Saudi prince and his ex-wife over a luxurious mansion in the Beverly Hills area of ​​Los Angeles, California, has re-emerged to the public, after a previous court ruling in this case.

Agency stated,Bloomberg“, Wednesday, that the dispute between the prince and his ex-wife, now revolves around the payment of costs related to the dirty and damaged carpets and withered planting in the luxurious palace, so that it can be sold.

A lawyer, Princess Fahda Hussein Abdul Rahman Al-Athel, said her ex-husband, Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, had halted repairs to the 2.3-acre property. According to court records, it was found that she wanted the judge to order the emir to select a contractor to do the work.

“It is clear that the source of the delay is Prince Faisal, who is refusing to approve or fund reforms deemed necessary,” according to a report disclosed on October 24 in Delaware Chancery Court.

Jason Gowers, the prince’s attorney in Delaware, said Wednesday that his client rejects his ex-wife’s allegations and “would oppose the request” to force him to honor an earlier settlement the couple reached over upkeep of the palace.

The luxury property was purchased for $16.8 million in 2011 as a vacation home and has more than 18 bedrooms and 28 bathrooms. But the couple separated in 2016, and the mansion has since fallen into disrepair and is not for sale, according to court files.

“The landscaping is mostly dead, the swimming pool is empty (…) and lots of carpets throughout the palace were stained, damaged or generally unusable,” the princess’s lawyer said.

And thelast FebruaryAfter a three-year dispute, the prince agreed with his ex-wife to a settlement to restore and renovate the luxury property in the United States, which was the subject of a lawsuit between them.

The dispute between the two parties ended with an agreement on “settlement terms” that are still confidential, according to the agency.Bloomberg“Then.

There was a dispute between the prince and his ex-wife for three years over who would financially take care of the repairs in the palace, in order to be able to sell it.

The parties then agreed to settle a lawsuit in Delaware court over who should pay for the renovations.

While the terms of the settlement were kept secret, the judge said the agreement between the two parties was “fair, reasonable and serves the interests of the royal family.”

Prince Faisal accused his ex-wife of failing to maintain the property and pay taxes on it, until it accumulated.

He demanded the return of a $41 million loan that was supposed to be earmarked for renovations.

They also differed over who has the right to sell the palace, according to court files, and the palace is currently up for sale for about $20 million.

The princess’s lawyer argued in court in 2020 that the property deterioration was the responsibility of her ex-husband, whom he described as one of the richest men in the world.

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