The discovery of a popular and cheap fruit that prevents cancer and enhances heart and immune health

Al-Marsad newspaper: The pomelo fruit grows in many eastern countries, such as: China and Japan, and because of its many benefits, these peoples consider the pomelo a great wealth.

And about the health benefits of Albomla:

1-Protects from urinary tract infection: Eating pomelo would protect and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections, in addition to containing vitamin C, making it raise the acidity level in the urine, creating an unsuitable environment for bacteria growth, thus reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. Your risk of getting a urinary tract infection.

2-Promotes heart health: Albomla contains high levels of potassium, which is necessary for the heart and its health, and therefore its intake reflects positively on the heart muscle. Thus, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

3- It protects against infections: Eating a full portion of albomla daily prevents free radicals from attacking the body and causing infections, as albomla is able to stimulate antibodies and immune cells in the body in order to fight various bacteria, according to “Web Medicine”.

4- Contributes to the prevention of cancer: Albomla is very rich in flavonoids, which are antioxidants that help reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer and breast cancer, and the presence of high levels of dietary fiber in it contributes to reducing the risk of colon cancer. Preventing the spread of cancer cells in the body.

5- Eating Albomla helps boost the health of the immune system. Eating Albomla works to fight digestive problems, such as: diarrhea, or constipation. Eating Albomla contributes to promoting bone health and protecting them from fragility. Eating Albomla helps reduce weight, because it contains a high amount of Water and dietary fiber. Protect the gums from various problems and diseases.

6- Promotes skin health: Pomelo contains vitamin A (vitamin A), and vitamin C, which contributes to the formation of collagen, and makes it have many benefits for the skin, the most important of which are: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, treats the common problem of acne, moisturizes the skin, gives it freshness and promotes hair health. The pomelo also contains nutrients necessary for hair, such as: vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc, and these nutrients play an essential role in maintaining the health of hair and stimulating its growth.


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