The disappearance of the most famous tea in Egypt from the largest commercial chain

Arosa tea varieties andLipton From the Carrefour chains in Egypt, due to disputes over the final selling price to the consumer.

Disputes arose between the company that owns the Carrefour chains with the tea companies over selling at the agreed prices, with the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, which the tea companies consider a loss for them, according to the “Cairo 24” website.

One of the officials in “Carrefour” said, “We adhere to offering products at the official price for them, without an unofficial increase, which was rejected by the tea companies, which led to a shortage of Lipton and Bride tea in the branches.”

He pointed out that some chains do not have tea varieties, whether Arousa, Lipton, or others, for nearly a full month, pointing out that there are negotiations between tea companies and Carrefour chains, but they have not yet concluded anything new.

On November 10, 2022, Lipton decided to raise the prices of all its products in the Egyptian market, between 50 piasters and up to 5 pounds for the second time in less than two months, in all packages weighing between 40 grams and up to 500 grams. The price of soft Lipton tea was also raised. The weight of 250 grams, about 2 pounds, to record 37 pounds instead of 35 pounds for the local consumer, and the price of Lipton Soft, weighing 40 grams, increased by about 50 piasters, to record 7 pounds instead of 6.5 pounds.

On December 1, 2022, merchants members of the chambers of commerce revealed an increase in the price of bride’s tea, starting on Thursday 1-12-2022, bringing the price of a carton to 2500 pounds instead of 1900 for wholesale, an increase of 600 pounds in the price of a carton, and the price of a quarter kilo will reach 35 pounds instead of 26 pounds, and the price of a small package of Al-Arousa tea reaches 6 pounds instead of 5 pounds, and the price per kilo reaches 125 pounds for the merchant instead of 90 pounds.

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