The Democratic Party cuts the difference.. 203 compared to 211 for the Republicans

It seems that US midterm elections In the coming hours, it may carry a change in numbers, in favor of the Democratic Party, especially with regard to the House of Representatives, despite Republican progress .

The Edison Center for Statistics reported that Democrats won 203 parliamentary seats on Saturday, compared to 211 for Republicans so far, while obtaining a majority in the House of Representatives requires winning 2018 seats.

The Associated Press reported that the number of Democrats’ seats had risen to 200.

What about the elders?!

As for the Senate, the race is fierce, and the two parties have so far tied, with each winning 49 seats, while the majority requires 51 seats.

In the most recent development, Democrat and former astronaut Mark Kelly won a seat in the Arizona Senate, defeating Republican challenger Blake Masters, with the Nevada and Georgia seats still undecided.

US elections (figurative - iStock)

US elections (figurative – iStock)

While a number of observers indicated that the Democratic Party, to which President Joe Biden belongs, has become with this recent victory, only one seat away from retaining control of the Senate.

Punitive vote

On Tuesday, the Americans went to the polls to renew all members of the House of Representatives 435 seats, a third of the Senate, 35, as well as 36 state governors.

While the midterm elections that are organized two years after the presidential elections often constitute a “punitive vote” for the existing administration in the United States!

It is reported that after a fierce bipartisan blue and red campaign, centered on inflation and price hikes as well as fuel, abortion and other issues, Republicans were confident of depriving Biden of his majority in Congress, especially as his popularity was declining.

But the Democratic Party managed to some extent reduce its losses, better than expected, and prevented former President Donald Trump from creating a “broad tide” in Congress.

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