The death of the artist, Hassan Al-Sharq Ibn Al-Minya.. This is the last thing he said to “The Seventh Day.”

Today, the artist Hassan Al-Sharq, son of the village of Zawiyat Sultan, Minya Center, who dazzled the world with his artistic paintings during his tours in the countries of the world, died today. Hassan Al-Sharq, the artist who was gifted by nature with beauty in his feather, has passed away at the age of 73, and this is the last thing he said in his dialogue for the seventh day..

And the artist, Hassan Al-Sharq, said, before his departure, that his journey with plastic art began at a young age when he was in the primary stage, and his father worked as a butcher in the village and wished to inherit the profession from me, but my love for art pushed me to another path, so that I was drawing on the paper of meat that my father used to sell. .

He added, “At that time, my grandmother always sat with me and narrated the stories of Abu Zaid al-Hilali, and that prompted me to fall in love with imagination, and I always drew those stories as they came to my mind.”.

And he continued, “My love for art made me take advantage of all the time in school in drawing, and the first person who discovered me was the science teacher in the primary class, and he gave me a sketchbook and wood colors.”.

And he added, after the passage of time, I joined the Palace of Culture in Minya Governorate, I learned a lot there, and I stayed there for 20 years. .

Al-Sharq said that the Bahr al-Baqar massacre changed the course of my life a lot, especially the child Eid Abd al-Salam. Cairo, and you used to spend long periods there, then I would return to the village, and one day while I was sitting in the village, I was surprised by one of the ladies specializing in discovering talents. He knocked on the door and asked me to sign a contract to do art exhibitions in Egypt and Germany, and it was my first exhibition in the Egyptian opera and it was attended by many foreign cultural centers And the European embassies. All the paintings in the exhibition were sold, and the highest painting I sold in the exhibition was 450 pounds, and that was the first amount of money I took from my art, after nearly 25 years of working for free.

He explained that Queen Farida mentioned me in her memoirs, and this is the secret of my keeping his picture. I met Queen Farida in her studio, and we organized together joint art exhibitions, and she mentioned me in her diaries..

He added that because of Queen Farida, he prepared the only artist who has two paintings in the Louvre Museum inside the modern hall, noting that the East entered many competitions and managed to get the eighth place in the world, and he said that I was not lucky in obtaining an academic study, but I am very happy that the Museum A destination for master’s and doctoral students.

The East ranked 8th in the world in popular plastic art among 150 artists. I went to America 4 times and visited more than 17 European countries..

Regarding the establishment of the museum inside the village, Al-Sharq said, after my inability to obtain a piece of land to establish the museum on it and the refusal of his students more than once, I sold everything I owned and everything I earned from the paintings and set up the museum in my house in the nineties so that my museum would turn into an icon and accepted by foreign tourists coming from Europe , as the Museum of Hassan Al-Sharq is included in their visit programs .

And about the secret of wearing the jilbab on all occasions and international exhibitions, Al Sharq said, “I feel proud of wearing it, whether it is Sa’id or Arab, and I refuse to wear a suit, to the extent that I refused to hold an exhibition in America because of the imposition of wearing a suit.” .


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