The death of Ibrahim Mounir, the acting general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood

Ibrahim Mounir

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Munir had been living in London since the sixties of the last century, following the restrictions imposed by the regime on the group at the time

Ibrahim Mounir, acting guide of the Muslim Brotherhood and responsible for its international organization, died in the British capital, London, at the age of 85.

The Brotherhood, which the Egyptian authorities classify as a “terrorist” entity, issued a statement denouncing Mounir.

The statement pointed out that “Mounir is one of the most prominent men of the call, and one of the flags of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Mounir assumed the position of Chargé d’Affairs in 2020 in light of the group’s biggest crisis with the Egyptian authorities, and had been residing in London since the 1960s, following restrictions imposed by the regime at that time on the group.

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