The death of an Egyptian young man in an accident he predicted before his death on Facebook

An Egyptian village was mourning the death of an Egyptian young man who died in a traffic accident, days after broadcasting a video of him on the social networking site “Facebook” in which he predicted what literally happened.

Anticipate his death

The village of Damat, which is affiliated to the city of Qutour in the Gharbia governorate in northern Egypt, witnessed a state of great sadness after the announcement of the death of the 19-year-old young man, Ahmed Mohamed Baraas, a student at the College of Nursing, who was killed in a terrible accident while riding a motorcycle.

What increased the state of sadness was that the young man had predicted that he would suffer an accident in which he would lose his life days before his departure, in a video broadcast on his personal account on Facebook.

Sadness and amazement at the incident

The people of the village revealed to “” that the deceased student enjoyed the love of all the residents of the village and hurried to serve those who needed any service, and in the recent period he was constantly repeating the phrases of death, and assuring those who sit with him that he sees death with his own eyes, and that he is close to meeting his Lord.

For their part, the student’s friends revealed that their late colleague, days before his departure, broadcast a video on his personal page on “Facebook”, in which he predicted his death in a traffic accident, and revealed the position of his family, his father and his mother and the grief that would afflict them, stressing that they informed him at the time not to promote this talk, because death is in the hands of God alone, but they were astonished and stunned after what the late student had expected happened.

‘Died in an accident’

They also revealed that their colleague, in his live broadcast, said in a text, “I will die in an accident, tears will accompany my mother, but they will not die behind me, and the years will rip my father, two steps of grief, I will, and the friends will put my picture with them on the phones, and the neighbors will ask about me before my name is dead, and the mourning will be for me for two weeks, the Qur’an.” In our house, it’s normal, you will hear your tricks.”

The villagers attended the student’s body in a solemn and massive funeral, while his mother lost her ability to speak from the severity of the shock, while his father still cannot believe what happened so far.

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