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The UAE, Israel and Jordan signed, on Tuesday, a new memorandum of understanding, regarding an Emirati-brokered deal, which was signed a year ago to make Jordan provide solar energy to Israel, while the latter transfers desalinated water to the Kingdom, according to what it reported. Jordan News Agency and Israeli newspapers.

The Jordan News Agency said that the memorandum, which was signed on the sidelines of the Climate Summit in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt, emphasizes “continuing the feasibility studies, to establish two projects that are opposite, interconnected and dependent on each other, with the aim of establishing a water desalination plant on the Mediterranean Sea (Blue Prosperity) in exchange for establishing a water desalination plant on the Mediterranean Sea (Blue Boom) A clean electric power plant in Jordan (Green Prosperity).

She added that the memorandum signed by the three parties in the presence of US climate envoy John Kerry “involves only the expression of intent by the three parties, and does not create or affect any rights or obligations under international law.”

The memorandum stipulates the pursuit of progress in benefiting from the assistance and support of the relevant international bodies and partners, voluntarily or when needed, provided that all parties agree to prepare the necessary plans, “so that there is what can be seen during the upcoming climate summit in November.” from next year in the United Arab Emirates.”The Times of Israel“.

It is noteworthy that the three governments signed on the sidelines of the Dubai Expo, on the 22nd of November last year, the “Declaration of Intent”, which stipulated that the three parties would start studying the possibility of establishing two opposite, interconnected and interdependent projects, the first being the establishment of a clean electric power plant in Jordan has a capacity of (600) kilowatts, funded by the UAE. The second is a water desalination project on the Mediterranean Sea, providing Jordan with 200 million cubic meters of desalinated water annually.

The memorandum of understanding was signed by the Jordanian government, Minister of Water and Irrigation Muhammad Al-Najjar, by the UAE side, by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Maryam Al-Muhairi, and by the outgoing Minister of Regional Cooperation, Issawi Freij, for the Israeli side.

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