The death of a British teenager from obesity.. and the court accuses her parents of murder

A mother in Britain admitted that she killed her teenage daughter, and she was referred to court with her husband, where they could end up in prison for several years.

According to the information collected by from the British press that circulated the news, the mother confessed before a specialized court that she killed her daughter when she left her to die of “excess weight”, as the daughter was suffering from increasing obesity and illness that eventually led to her death without her knowing. Neither the father nor the mother cares without doing anything to confront the obesity and overweight that teenagers suffer from.

And the girl, Cailia Tetford, 16, died due to health problems related to her excessive weight, as she was found dead in her bed at the family home, and the health and judicial authorities in Britain found that the mother and father were involved in negligence that led to the death of their daughter in this way.

And the widespread “Metro” newspaper in Britain said that the court charged father Alun Tetford, 44, and mother, Sarah Lloyd-Jones, 39, with gross negligence, manslaughter, and causing or allowing the death of a child or a vulnerable person.

According to the newspaper’s report, which was seen by, the mother, Lloyd-Jones, confessed to the manslaughter of her daughter, Kaelia, but later changed her statement before the court, while the father, Alon Titford, denied the accusation from the outset.

Jones admitted to violating her duty of care for her daughter, who has special needs, and it was “reasonably foreseeable” that this would have resulted in a serious and apparent risk of death, the court said.

Judge Reece Rowlands told Ms Jones that “all sentencing options will be open”, but added that she would be given an advantage due to her guilty plea.

Lloyd-Jones was released on bail pending the determination of the sentencing hearing against her, which will be determined after the completion of the father’s trial separately.

Caylea’s father, Alon Tetford, denies charges of gross negligence, manslaughter, and causing or allowing the death of his teenage daughter.

He will face a trial that is expected to last two weeks, starting on January 17.

According to the details considered by the court, Father Alon Titford failed, during the period between March 24 and October 11, 2020, to ensure that Kayla’s nutritional needs were met, which led her to morbid obesity, which in turn led to her later death. He is also accused of failing to provide adequate exercise for his deceased daughter, and not providing her with a safe and clean health, environmental, and living condition.

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