The conflict in Ukraine has turned into confrontation with NATO

Today, Tuesday, the Russian Security Council considered that the conflict in Ukraine has turned into a confrontation between Russia and NATO, stressing that the West seeks to dismember Russia.

The council secretary stressed that it is necessary for Russia to have a strong army to counter threats.

“The danger of underestimating Russia’s capabilities”

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warned last Thursday of the danger of underestimating Russia’s capabilities, stressing NATO’s need for more personnel, equipment and weapons for common defense.

He said in a press interview that Russia does not intend to abandon its objectives in Ukraine, and that indications indicate that Moscow is preparing to launch a new large-scale ground offensive.

How the Black Sea turned into a war zone between NATO and Russia

NATO Secretary General stressed that the terms of the conflict settlement agreement will depend on the situation on the battlefield, stressing the need to continue providing military assistance to Ukraine in order to persuade Russia to sit at the negotiating table and recognize Ukraine as an independent and sovereign European state.

most likely scenario

And on the impact of the military escalation in Ukraine with the advent of the new year, which had intensified during the Christmas and New Year period, experts and analysts believe that the war, which is about to enter its second year, is entering a large-scale escalation phase, which is based during the winter on air operations and mutual artillery and missile strikes. From a distance, in preparation for a major ground war before the onset of spring.

Observers also warned that the most likely scenario is that the current year will witness an expansion of military operations in Ukraine, after months of decline, especially with the Russian withdrawal from Kherson.

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