The cobra.. that killed the competitors with its bites.. and killing it was a decision!!

As for before..
Had it not been for a dispute that arose between him and the management of his club, Al-Nasr, that led to the club’s president, Al-Rizm Al-Nasrawi, Prince Abdul Rahman bin Saud, may God have mercy on him, a decision to suspend him, he would have been one of the stars of the 1994 World Cup.
The suspension was lifted after half of that year’s season had passed, he was included in the national team, and he participated in the qualifiers, but his lack of readiness from the beginning of the season, in addition to the emergence of the stars Khaled Massad and Saeed Al-Owairan, reduced his chances of being included in the final list.

As for after..
God wrote for him his sustenance between his brown feet soaked in the dust of the clay courts. With them, he drew the steps of his footballing future, before realizing how to color them brightly on the grass of the official stadiums, emitting groans and delighting the onlookers.
A thick lover’s hand around his little wrist, leading him confidently through the corridors of Al-Nasr Club. Its owner clearly knows where he is going.
He was 13 years old in 1979 when that fist left his wrist. He is now face to face with the administrator and coach of Al Baraem team. The two were not sure about choosing this scout. How can this boy’s slender, medium-length body do anything! We are in a time when the language of physical contacts in the ball prevailed.
The innate talent that God gave him soon changed convictions about him and about his potential. He participated in exercises and friendly matches, taming the ball between his feet, and soon after nearly a year he was transferred from the buds to the juniors in 1980 AD, admiring his performance.
Are his steps towards the future slowed down football?
No, it just got faster and bigger. He was summoned two years later to the football team at Al-Nasr Club. A majestic midst of the first-class stars of the team, led by Majed Abdullah, Youssef Khamis and Hashem Sorour, who gave him encouragement and support, he saluted them with a remarkable performance for a player of his age.
In 1984 AD, the widest doors were opened for him to enter the limelight and stardom, when the eye of the expert with the famous mustache and a cunning smile was spotted while he was chewing “gum” in his mouth.
This is the most famous coach of the Saudi national team, Khalil Al-Zayani, who sparked an idea in his head when he saw him dancing with the opponents with the ball.
Al-Zayani realized at that time, as he was preparing to take the first national team to the qualifiers for the Los Angeles Olympics, that in his training “sack” there was a dangerous secret for the 17-year-old.
There, Muhaisin Al-Jamaan confirmed his worth for his coach’s opportunity, through his talent, by scoring five goals in his international debut, contributing to the Saudi national team’s qualification for the first time to the Olympics, and he was also awarded the title of best qualifying player. The press then gave him the nickname “Cobra” in comparison to its speed in stinging the net.
The Asian Nations Finals knock on the doors in Singapore 1984. As soon as Al-Zayani started the confrontations, he assumed the role of Al-Hawi, who took the “cobra” out of his bag for the competitors and spectators.
The shock almost ended, otherwise the heroic Saudi show would have ended with the Green Falcons achieving the first continental achievement. History still preserves appreciation for its heroes, who broke the entire Chinese squad led by Majid Abdullah and his companions, led by Muhaisen to this day.
The famous Kuwaiti commentator exclaimed in shock:
Muhaisin Al-Jiaan, not Muhaisin Al-Jamaan, at the moment when the cobra bit Kuwait’s net in the “90th” minute, with the aim of winning the Asian championship in the same tournament. I untied the knot.
Again in 1988 AD, Muhaisen Al-Jamaan repeated with his companions the contribution to winning the continental championship for the second time in a row, a historic Asian double, and then, over the course of 20 years, the numbers of the championship counter with the national team and Al-Nasr Club reached 11, matching his famous number during more than 400 matches, and more. From 200 goals, in the shirts of the homeland and his club, until his retirement from the ball, when he entered with the Nasrawi symbol, Abd al-Rahman bin Saud, to the conference hall of the club, hand in hand, to officially announce the end one day in the year 2000 AD.


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