The coastal star reveals the truth about Al-Ahly’s negotiations to include Al-Dawy

Hatem Al-Raqiq, head of the Communications and Information Department at ES Sahel, revealed the truth about Al-Ahly club’s negotiations to include Mohamed Al-Dhawi, the Tunisian team player, during the upcoming winter transfer period.

And Tunisian press reports had reported in the days that there was interest from Al-Ahly to include Mohamed Al-Dawy in the upcoming winter transfer market, and Karim Hakki, the former star of the Tunisian national team, confirmed that officials in the Red Castle had contacted him recently, to take his technical opinion on the 21-year-old right wing.

Al-Raqiq said, in statements on Ontime Sports Two: “An official offer from Al-Ahly to include Muhammad Al-Dawy? It is certain that there has been no official communication from Al-Ahly so far.”

He added, “There are side conversations on the right and left, and there are press reports and media outlets talking about this matter, but at the present time there is no information or official communication.”

And he continued, “The news of Al-Ahly’s interest in Al-Dhawi is natural, as he is the best player in the Tunisian league at the moment, and his young age makes him at the forefront, and he is required by many teams.”

He continued: “Are there verbal contacts from Al-Ahly? There are side contacts by some parties close to Etoile Sahel and they have relations with officials in Al-Ahly, but there are no official contacts yet. I know that Anis Boujelban is close to Al-Ahly and the Tunisian League, but I do not know if he is from Is he conducting verbal communication or not?

Al-Raqiq continued: “The president of Al-Najm has a close relationship with Al-Ahly and Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and the negotiations are offer and demand, and the door is open to all possibilities, but the value of the proposed amount is the one that will determine the course of this file, and I confirm that Muhammad Al-Dhawi is fully focused now with his club, and is waiting for things to become clear.”

And the head of the media staff in the coastal star added: “We do not mind conducting negotiations? Negotiation is an issue on the table, but the value of the offer is what determines the course of the deal.”

He stated, “We are asking for 1.5 million dollars? It is not true at all. We hear these numbers just like the rest of the people, and they do not oblige us in anything, as they are unofficial and incorrect numbers.”

And he noted: “Is it possible for the rest of the value of Coulibaly’s penalty to be included in the Daoui negotiations? Everything is permissible, and all possibilities are on the table, but we are awaiting the official offer.”

Al-Raqiq concluded: “Al-Dhawi does not have foreign offers now, but when you talk about him, he is the best Tunisian player in the local league at the moment, so it is very natural that there are side contacts, and he will certainly attract the attention of many teams.”

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