The case of Naira Ashraf returns to the limelight again with a surprise about her body

The investigations of the Administrative Prosecution in Egypt sparked a surprise about the video of Naira Ashraf’s body, from which social media circulated tragic scenes of her body lying on a table, which angered the Egyptians at the time.

Investigations revealed that the first accused filmed a video of the body of the deceased, Naira Ashraf, using her personal mobile phone on June 20, 2022, if the body was placed in the recovery room at the reception, and not in the morgue, as was circulated at the time, until it was examined by the surgeon to prove its injuries, as a result of the arrival of the victim’s body to the hospital. victim of a murder.

Counselor Muhammad Samir, spokesperson for the Administrative Prosecution, stated that the referral was based on the fact that they disclosed a secret entrusted to him by virtue of their job, and their violation of the provisions of the Civil Service Law, codes of conduct, and civil service ethics, which would violate the dignity of the public office, by filming a video clip of the body of the deceased, “Nira Ashraf.” Mansoura General Hospital, using the mobile phone of the first accused, and publishing that clip on social media.

The second accused participated with the first accused in filming that clip, during the two shifts assigned to her that day, and publishing the video clip on the Internet, in contradiction with the ethics and ethics of the nursing profession.

The Public Prosecution Office listened to the testimony of a number of doctors and hospital officials, who frequently said that it is strictly forbidden for all members of the medical staff to use the cameras of their portable personal devices, whether they are phones or computers, to photograph hospital movables, people who frequent them, and patients, in accordance with the ministerial decisions regulating this matter, as well as There are instructions and internal regulations for the hospital, and publications and posters distributed throughout the hospital prohibiting photography inside, in order to preserve the privacy and rights of patients as it is a basic duty imposed on doctors, and respect for the rights of the patient.

Counselor Adly Gad, head of the Administrative Prosecution Authority, ordered the referral of the nursing supervisor of the reception department, and the recovery room nurse of the Mansoura Specialist Hospital – the former general one – to an urgent (disciplinary) trial.

It is noteworthy that the Court of Cassation will consider, on January 26, the defendant Mohamed Adel’s appeal against the death sentence issued against him on charges of killing the victim, Naira Ashraf.

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