The brother of the accused of killing her mother with the help of her boyfriend in Egypt gives his testimony… and how the accused tried to deceive them

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian media revealed the text of the testimony of the brother of the accused of killing her mother with the help of her lover, as well as the statements of the officer responsible for investigating the incident, and how to implement it.

The brother of the woman accused of killing her mother said, in his testimony to the Public Prosecution, that he went to their house accompanied by his brother, “Adam,” and they knocked on the door, but no one responded to them, despite the presence of their mother and their “accused” sister at the house at this time, according to “Cairo 24.”

She claimed to have been taken to the hospital

And he continued, so he and his brother went to a neighbor to ask about his mother, and he was surprised by a call from his sister, and she claimed that someone called her and told her that their mother had fainted in the street and was transferred to Port Fouad Hospital.

He added, so my brother and I went immediately, but I did not find my mother, so I went back to the house and one of the security men accompanied us to the hospital. After we got home, my father came and opened the door to find my mother inside the house dead body.

An officer’s testimony

An officer at Port Fouad Police Station, who witnessed the course of the crime investigation, narrated the details of the incident, saying in the text of his testimony before the Public Prosecution, that the accused was in a relationship with her lover who helped her kill her mother, and he was “15 years old”, and one day the victim came to home to catch them red-handed and discover their secret relationship.

And he continued, so the two defendants decided to kill her before she snitched on them, and the accused agreed with her lover to leave him the door of the house open so that the victim would not feel when he entered, and indeed he entered the house without her realizing, and assaulted her with a hammer, and threw boiling water on her after her accused daughter heated it. and equip him.

He added, and when they failed to kill her, with one of the house knives, the accused brought a glass cup, broke it and gave it to the accused, who beat her in the neck until she died.

And he added, the girl claimed not to know anything and went out of the house claiming to search for her mother, until she was caught and the perpetrator was arrested and they confessed the details of the crime.


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