The bride of ISIS baffled Britain.. The intelligence chief “her stay in Syria is dangerous”

With the failure of all her previous attempts to return to Britain, especially after she was stripped of her citizenship, a new intelligence permit opened the door of hope, perhaps forShamima BegumKnown as “The Bride of ISIS”.

The former head of the British Intelligence Service recorded an opinion completely contrary to all previous warnings about the return of the 23-year-old woman from Al-Hol camp to ISIS families in Syria.

Richard Barrett warned that Begum would pose a greater threat to national security if left in Syria.

“You will become more dangerous.”

He also described the former director of the global counter-terrorism agency of the British intelligence agency MI6, that the assessment of MI5, the fifth office in the British military intelligence, about the security risks that Begum may create is “superficial and inappropriate”.

In addition, he wrote in a report prepared by the legal team of the former “ISIS bride”, about the possibility that the young woman would become a major threat to the country if she remained within the “ISIS” camp, stressing that she was deprived of her nationality as an individual without any explanation of how she transformed from a teenage girl into a A member of a fearsome terrorist organization.

He added that his country provided a different response from other countries to the problem of returning citizens who traveled to join ISIS, compared to the United States, Germany and France.

He also stressed that “the countries that absorbed and returned their citizens from the teeth of ISIS are no less safe than the countries that did not.”

He also pointed to the possibility that, from a national security perspective, refusing to return individuals from ISIS camps in Syria could be more dangerous in the medium to long term than sending them home and subjecting them to prosecution, rehabilitation and reintegration. He believed that these people will become more dangerous because of their dissatisfaction with their lives there amidst what they suffer from malnutrition, lack of health services, and psychological damage that they live with daily.

Her children died

It is noteworthy that Shamima, who is in a camp for the displaced families of the organization in northeastern Syria, is still trying hard after her request for forgiveness from her country and the restoration of her nationality.

Her story divided the opinions of the British intelligence into two parts, the first with her return in the hope of reintegrating her, especially since she was a child when she joined the organization, and another rejects this theory completely on the grounds that it is a great danger to the country, and prefers that she remain in Al-Hol camp.

Last week, her lawyers appealed the British government’s decision to strip her of her citizenship. They told a court in London that she may have been a “child victim of smuggling,” as she was 15 years old when she left London airport in 2015 with two of her companions, to marry her later to an ISIS fighter and give birth to 3 children from him, all of whom died while they were infancy.

While the British government stripped her of her nationality on national security grounds in 2019, shortly after she was found in a detention camp in Syria.

Begum, now 23, appealed the decision in five days of hearings before the Special Immigration Appeals Commission, a special court that hears appeals against decisions to strip citizenship on national security grounds.

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