The best eco-friendly tourist destinations around the world.. Get to know them

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At a time when the world is demanding to preserve the planet from pollution, a group of distinctive green cities have emerged, which have become a tourist destination for those looking for pollution-free destinations. What are the most prominent of these destinations, according to The Sustainable Living Guide website.

San Jose – Costa Rica

It is characterized by its sunny and pleasant weather throughout the year and is the preferred destination for nature lovers or those interested in the environment and those looking for camping in the forests and in the midst of green nature.


Palau has the purest marine destinations and is considered a unique marine haven. It has perfect beaches and a unique marine life, in addition to many marine activities that do not violate the environment and preserve them, such as kayaking, diving, cycling, running, hiking and camping. The capital, “Ngerulmud” in the Pacific Ocean, is 800 How far from the Philippines.Zurich-Switzerland

80% of its electrical energy is produced from environmentally friendly renewable energy sources, and 40% of the city’s gas waste is recycled. Therefore, it is considered one of the best cities in the world in terms of air purity and was chosen as the most suitable city for humans in the world. It is a distinguished destination for lovers of natural life thanks to its possession of several lakes And distinctive zoos and plants, as well as the FIFA Football Museum and the watches.

Reykjavik – Iceland

This city sets itself a vision of becoming free of fossil fuels and one of the countries in the world in the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, all its homes are powered by clean energy, as well as a heating and water heating plant. The safest city in the world.

San Francisco – America

It is considered one of the most green cities for sustainable tourism in 2022, as it witnesses the recycling of 77% of its waste annually, and the vast majority of homes there work with clean energy. The city is also famous for its mountainous terrain and picturesque nature, where you can visit Chinatown, the Golden Gate Bridge and many parks.


It won the title of the green capital of Europe and the most popular tourist destination in Britain, based on its ideal environmental record, which is a reason for the recovery of the tourism sector in it, as it has green spaces estimated at a cost of about 14 million dollars. Show and historical theaters.

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