The arrest of the daughter of a famous athlete.. She gave birth in a forest and left her baby to suffer in the cold

In a shocking incident, the American police arrested the daughter of baseball legend Dennis Eckersley, after she gave birth to a child inside a dilapidated tent in the middle of a forest, and she refused to tell the police her correct location.

Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, said in a statement that they had responded to a report about a woman who had given birth to a child in a frozen tent in a forest, noting that she had led police officers to the wrong place.

Here she gave birth to her child in the middle of a forest and in a very cold weather

Here she gave birth to her child in the middle of a forest and in a very cold weather

She also indicated that the woman is Alexandra Eckersley, 26, who is the adopted daughter of baseball star Dennis Eckersley, according to the American New York Post.

After a search of the area that lasted about an hour, the police found the child, exposed and struggling to breathe, in a rickety tent near the Piscatquag River, to be taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The young woman was arrested for “endangering the safety of a child” and subsequently charged with a felony for “reckless behaviour”.

Drugs.. and bipolar disorder

In 2019, Alexandra became addicted to drugs and was suffering from bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety, and her family failed to treat and help her, according to the newspaper “Concord Monitor”.

Baseball legend Dennis Eckersley

Baseball legend Dennis Eckersley

It is noteworthy that Alexandra’s father is one of the most important baseball players in the United States at all. He played between 1975 and 1998, and gained a prominent position in his football career, and also worked as a sports commentator.

And Dennis Eckersley, 68, whose nickname is “Ike”, played 24 seasons, and his name entered the baseball “Hall of Fame” in 2004.

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