The armistice has ended. Fighting has resumed on several axes of Ukraine

After it ended at midnight, The widest truce announced since the start of the Russian military operation in UkraineFighting returned to several axes.

The Russian army announced that its forces had advanced in the strategic city of Solidar in the Bakhmut axis in the Donetsk region.

Fighting resumed

Solidar is located near the city of Bakhmut, which Russian forces have been trying to extract for months, with the support of militants from the Russian “Wagner” security group.

Other reports reported that 5 Russian missiles fell in Kharkiv.

While the Russian bombing resumed in other cities of Ukraine.

And the pro-Moscow Zaporizhia authorities announced that explosions occurred at Ukrainian military facilities in the north of the province.

It also added that the explosions also affected Ukrainian infrastructure.

Truce of 36 hours!

It is noteworthy that Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a 36-hour cease-fire on the occasion of Christmas for Orthodox Christians.

However, Kyiv confirmed that it is not bound by any truce that is not accompanied by a Russian withdrawal, pointing to Russian attacks in several regions to the east and south.

And she added that she would continue to try to regain the lands that Moscow controlled.

Earlier today, Saturday, the Russian Ministry of Defense talked about thwarting a Ukrainian attack on the Donetsk axis and killing about 50 Ukrainian soldiers, and it also talked about Ukrainian bombing of Russian army sites in the Krasny Liman axis in the neighboring Lugansk region.

On the other hand, the head of the Ukrainian military administration in Luhansk, Sergey Gaidai, accused the pro-Russian forces of violating the armistice announced by Moscow unilaterally, stressing that the Russian forces continued to bomb Ukrainian positions on more than one front during the past hours.

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