The arbitration center proves the union’s penalties, thank God

Private sources revealed to Al-Riyadiah that the Saudi Sports Arbitration Center supported the decisions issued by the Professional Committee of the Saudi Football Association against Al-Ittihad club and Moroccan Abd Al-Razzaq Hamdallah, striker of the first football team, in what was known as the “records issue.”
The same sources indicated that the center decided to continue preventing the federation from registering for one period, and confirmed the sports and financial penalties issued against Hamid Al-Balawi, Executive Director of Football and Meshal Al-Saeed, Team Manager, in addition to fixing the fine imposed on the Moroccan striker, and being satisfied with the previous suspension period.
And the Committee for Professionalism and the Status of Players in the Saudi Football Association issued a decision, on August 2, to suspend Moroccan Abdel-Razzak Hamdallah, the Al-Ittihad striker, for a period of 4 months, and fined him 300,000 riyals, on the background of the complaint submitted by Al-Nasr Club in what was known as the “case.” Recordings »
The committee punished Hamid Al-Balawi, the executive director of the federation, by suspending him for 6 months and a fine of 300,000 riyals, in addition to suspending Meshaal Al-Saeed, manager of the federation’s first team, for 3 months.
The committee also prohibited the federation from registering new players for one registration period, starting from the next registration period, and imposed a fine on the club of 500,000 riyals.
And in early September, Al-Ittihad Club announced the suspension of the penalty for stopping Moroccan Abdel-Razzak Hamdallah, the team’s striker, after receiving a letter of approval from the Sports Arbitration Center.


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