The American Patriot in Ukraine would be a legitimate target

After US media quoted unnamed officials as saying that the United States, after a long hesitation, was ready to meet Kyiv’s request Providing the Ukrainian army with a battery of Patriot missilesThe Kremlin commented on the matter.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced, on Wednesday, that the Kremlin is awaiting official statements on this matter, adding in press statements: “These are all media reports about possible deliveries … the media reports are not reliable, so we will wait for some official information,” according to the press. local media.

However, he pointed out that the American “Patriot” would be a legitimate target for Russian strikes if it was handed over to Kiev.

Final green light

CNN reported, on Tuesday, that the final approval of this qualitative armament could be announced as of this week, as soon as US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin approves it and sends it to the White House to obtain the final green light.

It is noteworthy that in recent weeks, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Western capitals to provide his country with modern air defense systems to enable it to counter the intense Russian strikes.

Since last October, Russia has increased its bombing of Ukraine’s energy grid infrastructure.

opaque points

Referred to as missiles Patriot able to significantly reduce the effectiveness of Russian strikes on Ukraine.

However, several points remain vague about how Washington could supply these missiles to Kyiv. In particular, it is still not clear how many missiles Washington will send to Kyiv, where exactly in Ukraine they will be deployed, and where the Ukrainian military will be trained to use them, according to AFP.

Patriot missile battery (Istoke)

Patriot missile battery (Istoke)

Given the highly advanced capabilities of these missiles, Ukraine’s acquisition of them will mean a greater involvement of the Pentagon in the conflict between Kyiv and Moscow, at a time when the White House fears an escalation of tensions with the Kremlin if the American participation in the war becomes more direct.

Among other factors that explain why Washington has so far refrained from providing Kyiv with these long-range batteries, there is the very high cost of these defense systems, the lack of large quantities of them in the Pentagon’s stores, and the long time required for training on how to use them.

essential element

The Patriot system, which is mounted on trucks consisting of 3 sections, is a radar that can automatically detect and intercept a fighter, drone or missile within a radius of more than 100 kilometers, a control center manned by 3 military personnel, and a battery of interceptor missiles.

Patriot missiles are also a key component of NATO’s defenses on its eastern flank.

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