The advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi 13 Pro phone, the latest version of OPPO

Through Al-Nasr newspaper, we present to you the advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi 13 Pro phone, the latest version of the famous and well-known OPPO company in the world of smart phones, as the phone came with remarkable developments from the previous version, Xiaomi 13.

Oppo added that the Xiaomi 13 Pro may come with more luxurious materials, in addition to a stronger screen with a higher resolution. It also comes with a higher protection layer, and a number of excellent cameras.

Well will come Phone Xiaomi 13 Pro, with great support for ultra-fast charging, fully charges the battery within 19 minutes, and many other specifications of the new Xiaomi 13 Pro phone. In the next report, we will show you the most prominent advantages and disadvantages of the phone.

Advantages of the Xiaomi 13 Pro phone

  • The phone comes with a distinct and elegant design.
  • The back comes from ceramic or silicone and the frame is made of aluminum.
  • And the processor is powerful and supportive of the latest 5G networks.
  • It also comes with an internal storage memory and a large capacity RAM.
  • The screen comes in a large size with a high resolution, and supports a refresh rate of 120 Hz.
  • And the rear and front cameras offer more than great performance.
  • And the battery comes with a large capacity with fast charging of 120 watts.

Front camera features

• Supports shooting videos at: 1080p@30fps
• It also supports background isolation and beautification mode
• HDR technology, signal capture and face detection
• EIS, self-timer

Back camera features

It supports shooting videos at 4320p@24fps, 1080p@30fps.
• Supports digital stabilization and background isolation
• It supports night mode and slow motion video shooting.
• It also supports autofocus, and recognition of scenes with artificial intelligence

Phone defects

• The phone does not support adding an external memory card (memory card).
• It does not support FM radio software.
• Also, the price of the phone is expensive and is not suitable for most users.

The price of the Xiaomi 13 Pro phone

• The price of the phone abroad starts at $715
• Which is equivalent to about 17,700 Egyptian pounds.

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