The 10 best Arab universities… one country takes half of the ranks

The report of the American magazine “Times Higher Education” revealed The best Arab universities For the year 2023, where it showed a Saudi leadership par excellence, with its acquisition of half of the first 10 places in the list.

King Abdulaziz University came in the forefront, with a total of 63 points that ranked it 101st in the world, supported by citations, and it is one of the indicators among 13 indicators in 5 areas to be viewed, as it got 91.9 points, in addition to the international orientation, which scored 93.6 points.

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Mineral Resources ranked second, advancing 4 places from its 2022 ranking with 54.3 points, and ranked between 201-250 among the best universities in the world.

In a similar ranking, Qatar University ranked third in the Arab world, while King Saud University ranked fourth in the Arab world, with a rating of 251-300 among the best universities in the world.

And in the fifth place, the University of Sharjah came, which advanced several places from the 2022 classification, as it fell in the 251-300 category, with the Emirates University, which ranked sixth.

Abu Dhabi University ranked seventh in the Arab world, along with Al-Faisal University, with a total of 48.7 points. Globally, the two universities are ranked between 300 and 350, among the best universities.

And in ninth place came the American University of Beirut, Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Hail University in Saudi Arabia, and Khalifa University in the UAE, with the same grades, and the last Arab universities among the top 400 universities around the world, according to the “Times Higher Education” classification.

While Aswan University was the first Egyptian university in the ranking and the thirteenth in the Arab world, and the only one among the Egyptian universities among the top 500 universities around the world.

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