Telegram app launches video-to-text conversion feature

Telegram app made launch an update It adds new features and visual updates, including the addition of converting audio in videos to text, adding separate topics in large group conversations, and “Collectible Usernames”.

Transcription of video messages can be accessed by clicking on the “→ A” button at the bottom right of the video, but this feature will not be available to everyone – just like converting voice messages to text, the feature is limited to Telegram Premium users. A Telegram Premium subscription costs $4.99 per month and comes with additional benefits such as faster downloads, no ads, and a larger file upload limit of 4GB.

Telegram also introduced new features for free users, “starting with separate threads” in groups. This allows groups of more than 200 members to create separate spaces that work like individual chats, with their own notifications independent of the larger group. The setup is similar to Discord servers which have a single global focus but also side channels for more specific conversations. You can test the feature yourself in public Telegram groups.

Next up are Collectible Usernames, an NFT-like asset secured by the TON blockchain network that can be bought and sold via Fragment. Telegram says that these unique names can be less than five characters long and work just like regular usernames, appear in global search results and create “” and “” links that can be used outside of Telegram.

The app’s night mode has also been redesigned for iOS users, making colors more balanced with better blur effects as users scroll through chats, while Android users will benefit from new text-sizing options – including link previews and reply headers – via chat settings. Some minor design improvements have also been added, such as chat bubbles pulsing when messages are loaded, and a new swipe left animation style to reply. Finally, Telegram Premium users can access twelve new emoji packs that can be set as user statuses or used in messages and captions.

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