Tea seller.. How did the Kufa child steal the hearts of Iraqis?

During the past hours, the child, Hassan Ibn Kufa, 9, occupied the Iraqis on social media, after his pictures spread, wrapping the streets of the city in all his elegance, in search of his livelihood.

The Kufi child appeared with an elegant appearance, neat hair, and roamed the streets to sell tea and make a living with his family.

Opinions are divided

One of the commentators on Twitter confirmed that Hassan’s case proves that hygiene and fitness are not dependent on attending a party, meeting an official, or even an official time. Cups and a warmer with tea inside.

Comments poured in on the picture of the elegant little boy, divided between a supporter of him, and people pleading to buy from him, and between angry about the situation of children in Iraq, especially since he who was of a good age should be on school benches and not on the streets.

difficult economic crisis

It is noteworthy that Iraq is living in a difficult economic situation, as recent statistics showed that the highest poverty rates are concentrated in 4 governorates in the south and east of the country.

While unemployment is generally high among young people in a country considered among the richest in oil, some armed parties and militias dominate and share influence and positions in official institutions, and state benefits.

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