Tariq Al-Ashry: If it were not for the laws, I would have resigned from Smouha.. and Ziyad Tariq, “There is no fault.”

Tariq Al-Ashry, coach of the team SmouhaHe agreed with the members of the club’s board of directors to dismiss him officially after the next Pyramids match in the league, after the relationship between the two parties reached a dead end.

Tariq Al-Ashry said, in statements to the “Sabah On Time” program, “Praise be to God, we presented a new team from the club’s sons. We have achieved a lot of our plan, and this is what appears in front of everyone, and the results have begun to improve greatly in the recent period.”

Al-Ashry added, “The Egyptian Football Association is responsible for regulating the coach’s relationship with the club. The laws are clear. If the coach resigns, he has no other chance in the league, and this is a very harsh penalty. Contracts in Egypt do not allow the coach to obtain the rest of his contract even, and if the club desires.” In the departure of a coach, he must dismiss him so that he has another opportunity. If the laws were the same as in the past, I would have submitted my resignation, because the atmosphere is very difficult, although all members and the club appreciate my efforts.

And about his departure after the Pyramids match, Al-Ashry said, “When I said the Pyramids match will be the last, it was based on an agreement with the members of the board of directors, that I be dismissed after the match, but not a resignation so that I have an opportunity to train.”

And he continued, “We closed the issue of Al-Hani Suleiman, he is one of our sons and a great goalkeeper, and like any player who goes through conditions of low level, the mistakes were clear in the Al-Ahly match and affected the result and gave him a rest and he would return at any time.”

Tariq Al-Ashry concluded his remarks, saying, “Ziyad Tariq has no fault in the ongoing conflict. I set a program for him to find out his level, and I told him if you are better than the players in the same position, I have no problem with participating.”


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