Syria without bread!.. The main bakeries are closing their doors and the system is helpless

Today, Tuesday, the Syrians woke up to the impact of one of the worst crises that the country has experienced in more than 11 years.

It has declared owners of major private bakeries Damascus They confirmed the closure of their bakeries due to the fuel crisis, and that was less than 24 hours after the denial of the Directorate of Internal Trade in Damascus that any bakery stopped as a result of the crisis.

Many makers closed their bakeries in the capital and its countryside, as a result of their inability to continue working, stressing that continuation means more losses.

to the black market

These developments came after the fuel company announced a 40% reduction in the quantities allocated to private bakeries during the past month.

It also did not distribute any liters to private bakeries since the beginning of this month, which led to an increase in the cost of production after private bakeries resorted to the black market to meet their fuel needs.

With the intensification of the crisis and the lack of material, about 50% of the private bakeries stopped working in Damascus, 30% reduced their production, and 20% started buying fuel at high prices.

The bread crisis has worsened in Syria over the past years

Unspeakable crisis

It is noteworthy that the prices of bread and pastries in private bakeries witnessed an insane increase of 42% yesterday, Monday, as the price of a large bundle of tourist bread reached 5,000 Syrian pounds, and a small one to 3,000 pounds, and large bran bread to 4,500 pounds, and a small one to 3,000 pounds, in When he set the price of a kilo at 10,000 pounds, and a samoon at 7,500 pounds, noting that the exchange rate of one US dollar exceeded 6,000 Syrian pounds.

After the crisis intensified during the past hours and the owners of large bakeries announced the closure of their bakeries, the authorities denied the matter, and confirmed that all bakeries receive their operational allocations and were not affected by the current fuel crisis.

Meanwhile, the fuel crisis reached a level in which it did not exclude any industrial sector, and even affected dairy and cheese sellers, who closed their shops, due to the deterioration of their financial conditions with electricity cuts and fuel shortages.

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