Surprisingly, the story of a bride who got married for one day.. The Egyptian Prosecution Office reveals the truth

A surprise witnessed by the Egyptian Public Prosecution investigations into an incident Eastern bride Who got married for one day, and her family held a big party that roamed the streets of her village to celebrate her divorce.

Details of the story that occupied public opinion in Egypt during the past two days took place in the village of Al-Muslimiya in the city of San Al-Hajar in Al-Sharqiya Governorate, northern Egypt, where a celebration was held that included encouraging and supportive cheers for a girl who was carried on the necks and carried a white cloth, and ululations were released from its launch until the girl’s arrival at her family’s home .

It turned out that the girl had been married last Thursday, and her husband questioned her virginity after their wedding, and decided to divorce her, which angered her family, who decided to sign a medical examination on her and verify her virginity and prove her honor.

The medical report that the girl’s family waved during the ceremony revealed that the girl, named “Mena”, was subjected to a medical examination at the request of her guardian, and it was proven that she is a virgin and that her hymen is completely intact.

And the statements of the girl’s family revealed that their daughter’s husband questioned her virginity and divorced her, and therefore some questioned her reputation, and undermined her and her honor, which forced them to examine her and prove her innocence, adding that after the results of the medical examination appeared, they held that ceremony for her in response to her consideration and reputation and an affirmation of the purity of her honor.

For its part, the Egyptian Ministry of Interior announced that by examining the incident, it was found to be true, noting that the parents of the husband and wife were summoned and confronted them, confirming what was stated in the investigations, and they reconciled.

In another context, the Public Prosecution revealed more and clearer details, and said in an official statement that it had received a notification from the police of the incident, and when the girl, her father, and her uncle were asked about the reason for the incident, they answered that she had married last Thursday, and then her husband expelled her the next day from the marital home, claiming that she was not a virgin, which made her This prompted her father to request that she be examined at the General Hospital.

The prosecution stated that after signing the examination, it was found that the girl’s virginity was proven, and the family celebrated her for that, while the husband and his family and his relatives insisted that he confirmed locally on the night of the wedding that the girl was not a virgin, so he informed her father, and then they agreed after that.

She said that she heard the testimony of the girl and her father, which differed completely from what they decided in the police report, as they decided that the girl, after her customary marriage contract with her consent and the consent of her father and the issuance of a contract, moved with her husband to their residence, and there were normal marital disputes between them that led to their separation and the tearing of the marriage contract, then the parents intervened to compromise between them and the termination of the marriage.

The Public Prosecution confirmed that the girl and her father also confirmed in the investigations that her husband did not enter with her or touch her, and that she was not exposed to any danger as a result, and denied what the husband decided in the police report that he found out that she was not virgin, adding that the girl justified signing the medical examination on her claiming that she felt pain in her member. Reproductive marriage has nothing to do with marriage, as she justified that the family’s celebration of her had taken place without clear reasons, and that the matter was nothing more than a misunderstanding among the people because they believed that she was not a virgin.

The Public Prosecution office stated that based on these statements, there is no crime for which the husband and the girl can be punished, as it was not proven that the husband had sexual relations with his wife or even violated her honor, just as the crime of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children was not proven against her father.

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