Surprisingly.. Breeding birds is behind the cirrhosis of the lung of the first Egyptian to undergo a transplant

Dr. Mohamed Hussein, Head of the Lung Transplant Unit at Ain Shams University of Medicine in Egypt, and a member of the medical staff who successfully performed the first lung transplant surgery in Egypt, was surprised about the cause of the lung fibrosis of the patient who underwent the transplant.

He said, in an interview with the “Happening in Egypt” program on MBC Egypt, yesterday, Tuesday, that the patient who underwent a lung transplant was suffering from fibrosis as a result of raising birds at home, and the fibrosis increased until she was able to lung completely.

He added that fibrosis, when it affected 60% of the lung, the pressure of the pulmonary artery began to increase, which also caused pressure on the heart muscle, stressing that the 30-year-old patient entered into complete pulmonary failure, and before the operation she could not sleep due to tightness. Breathing and lack of oxygen until the surgery was successfully performed.

Lung transplant

Lung transplant

The first lung transplant in Egypt

And Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, the Egyptian Minister of Health, had announced the success of the first lung transplant in Egypt, and said that the Egyptian medical team performed the first lung transplant at Ain Shams Specialized Hospital with unprecedented success, and the health status of the patient and the donor has become stable so far.

A medical source at Ain Shams University told that the sick girl was suffering from respiratory failure and was actually on the verge of death, and there was no choice but to perform a lung transplant surgery, indicating that the girl’s brother announced his agreement to donate a lobe of his lung, and the tests proved safe. tissues.

He revealed that the surgery took place in 3 operating rooms simultaneously and lasted 14 hours, and dozens of surgeons, blood vessels and anesthesiologists participated in it, and in the presence of one of the lung transplant experts in the world, the Japanese Professor Hiroshi Date, explaining that the cost of the surgery amounted to about two million pounds and was sponsored by Ain Shams University. .

process challenges

Dr. Ahmed Mostafa, the leader of the medical team that performed the surgery, told that the team faced two obstacles: the first is preparing the patient for surgery, and the second is the capabilities available in the hospital. Therefore, an intensive care room was equipped in a way that suits the surgery that is performed for the first time. He added that new and advanced devices were also introduced to the hospital to monitor the vital processes of the body systems.

He added that it has been confirmed that the 13 operating rooms in the hospital have been renovated, and the heart and chest surgery departments have been developed, all to overcome any obstacles that may hinder the success of the surgery, explaining that the team communicated during the last period with a Japanese team that is considered one of the most famous and largest pioneers in transplant surgery. Lung to coordinate about surgery.

He pointed out that the patient was suffering from acute respiratory failure, and therefore she was placed on respirators until the surgery was performed, announcing that her two brothers had made the donation and the tissue examinations were identical, and it was agreed to obtain one lobe from one of the two brothers and to perform the surgery in 3 operating rooms so that once a lobe was extracted From the lung of the donor sibling, it finds its way to the chest of the donor patient.

He pointed out that the patient began to gradually get rid of the ventilators while taking heart-stimulating drugs, while the donor brother recovered and was discharged after his condition stabilized from the hospital.

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