Sudan .. terrifying details are revealed about the killing of the famous rapper, “Rana”.

The police revealed terrifying details about the killing of the famous Sudanese rapper, Rana Badr El-Din, in a furnished apartment in Khartoum North. She said that Rana died, after being beaten with a hard object. In the investigations, it became clear that the 26-year-old son of the owner of the furnished apartment was the perpetrator, and he recorded a confession to committing the crime.

Blood and assault

The details began, when she received an urgent communication from a citizen, who works as a financial advisor at the Military Industrialization Authority, that he found the body of a girl inside an apartment in his residence in the Al-Amlak neighborhood in Khartoum North.



The police moved to the aforementioned place immediately after receiving the communication, and it became clear that the scene of the accident was a furnished apartment in a residential building on Al-Baladiyah Street in Khartoum North, and they found the body of a girl in her twenties, lying on the ground directly behind the door of the apartment. In the face area, it smells foul, swollen, and at the beginning of the decomposition phase.

The police ordered the specialized team to photograph and remove the fingerprints and collect the remains from the crime scene, and took the body to the police station to complete the legal procedures before referring it to the autopsy to find out the causes of death.

facts emerge

In the interrogation of the complainant, he stated that the property belonged to him, and that the apartment at the scene of the crime was allocated to his unmarried son, and a few days ago his son rented the apartment to two girls, one of whom left the apartment and the other stayed, and he said that it was his son who informed him of the emission of a bad smell and liquid blood from inside the apartment.


By monitoring and following up, the Investigation and Criminal Investigations Police in Khartoum North were able to arrest the first accused, the son of the owner of the aforementioned property. The second accused is a student, works as a tuk-tuk driver, and lives in the Kober neighborhood in Khartoum North.

During the interrogation, it became clear that the aforementioned is (26) years old, and he is a freelancer, and he admitted that the tragic incident took place last Saturday, December 17, and began with a sharp verbal argument between him and the victim, Rana Badr El-Din, after which he hit her with a piece of wood in her face and head.

He said that he turned on the air conditioner and closed the apartment on it, and revealed that the reason for the altercation between them was due to the fact that the victim abused him with obscene words, and the verbal altercation quickly developed into a quarrel between them. He stated that he sought the help of the second accused – the tuk-tuk driver – to help him dispose of the body.

first appearance

The late Rana Badr El-Din appeared in early 2011 on a local channel as the first official appearance as a Sudanese rap singer, and many media pioneers expressed their grief after announcing her sudden death.

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