Sudan.. Communication users are launching the hashtag #Follow_your_son to fight the “Devil’s Drug”

Users of social networking sites in Sudan launched the hashtag #Follow_your_son, to combat the spread of drugs in Sudan in general, and the lethal drug Ice Crystal, known as the “Devil’s Drug” in particular.

Dense spread

The recent period has witnessed a remarkable outbreak of drugs of all kinds in Sudan, which suffers from security liquidity and stifling political and economic crises, amid increasing fears of families about the spread of drugs and the high number of addicts who frequent treatment centers.

On the other hand, in the corridors of the anti-drug police in Sudan, hardly a day passes without announcing the seizure of a drug shipment in the capital or the states, and drug seizures are about to become daily news on the official media platforms of the Sudanese police.

week harvest

Within one week, the Anti-Narcotics Department in West Kordofan announced the seizure of 119 cannabinoids with an accused of drug promotion. Then, the Anti-Narcotics Department in East Nile in Khartoum announced the seizure of foreigners who were active in promoting Afghan hashish and the drug Ice Crystal. And the drug control in West Kordofan state announced the seizure of an accused in possession of 1,296 marijuana hashish.

Also, the anti-narcotics police in Sennar state in central Sudan announced the seizure of a vehicle carrying a shipment of drugs, and the driver offered a sum of one billion pounds as a “bribe” to the anti-drug men to release him, but they refused completely.

Those seizures were the outcome of last week only, according to the reports of the “Police Press Office”. The aforementioned seizures were an implementation of the administration’s plan to track down and dismantle the networks promoting drugs and hallucinogenic pills in Sudan.

International mafia

Press reports revealed the involvement of an international mafia with local arms in drug smuggling, and the cursed trade was no longer limited to hashish or “Bingo”, and its criminal activities expanded to smuggle heroin.

In August of last year, the anti-narcotics police announced the dismantling of a foreign heroin smuggling network, and the operation resulted in the arrest of three gang members with passports from African countries in possession of 8 kg of heroin.

Satan’s drug

Afghan hashish, or what is known as “Nutella”, tops the list of drugs most promoted in Sudan, followed by the lethal drug Ice Crystal, known as “the devil’s drug”, which has spread at a terrible speed recently and has become terrifyingly present among young people and students, and after the emergence of adulterated or mixed pesticide species. Insecticide to reduce the price has become more dangerous.

The drug “ice”, “shabu” or “crystal meth” is an active substance that affects the nervous system, raises body temperature and leads to sudden death. Suicidal tendencies and memory impairment also increase among ice addicts.

addiction cure

Dr. Rasha Abdel Hafeez, an addiction treatment specialist in Sudan, told “Ice is a stimulant, and its danger is that it is rapidly addictive and reaches three times the speed of cocaine addiction, and in the long run it leads to severe wasting and noticeable weight loss, and increases the rates of heart attacks and disorder.” In sleep, and the lack of sleep can extend for several days, which forces them to addict to other substances in order to be able to sleep.They also suffer from psychosis and hallucinations and imagine that they are being watched, and that someone wants to harm them, so they initiate hostility to defend themselves.They also have bouts of fear. Intense panic, all from the effect of ice.”

Dr. Rasha calls for the importance of treatment for ice, and the necessity of integrating the efforts of the state, the family, and treatment centers to combat the spread of this epidemic.

dangerous age

Dr. Muhammad Hassan Farajallah, a consultant in psychiatry and addiction treatment, mentioned in a published article seen by Al More than 90% of addicts start using drugs between the ages of 13 to 22, and it is rare for someone to start using drugs before or after this. Age, which necessitates directing awareness efforts to this age group, and for families to focus their efforts on caring for and monitoring this group.

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