Study: The Red Planet was blue and covered in deep oceans

Study: The Red Planet was blue and covered in deep oceans

A new study claimed that Mars It was mostly blue, and researchers have long agreed that our red neighbor, Mars, once carried water, although there is debate about how much water it did.

The new study revealed, according to the Daily Mail, that 4.5 billion years ago, it was Mars It is covered by 984 feet (300 meters) of deep ocean.

The study estimates that oceans covered the entire planet, and could range in depth from 984 feet (300 metres) to 3,280 feet (1,000 metres).

Given that the size of the planet is about half the size EarthBy comparison, there is already very little water on our planet, says Professor Martin Pizarro, of the Center for Star and Planet Formation.

According to Professor Pizarro, this water was brought to Mars by ice-filled asteroids.

In addition to water, icy asteroids also brought biologically relevant molecules such as amino acids to Mars.

Amino acids are used when DNA and RNA form bases that contain everything a cell needs.

Professor Pizarro explained, saying: “This happened during the first hundred million years of Mars… After this period, something catastrophic happened to potential life on Earth, and it is believed that there was a massive collision between Earth and another planet the size of Mars.”

He added, “It was an energetic collision that shaped the Earth-Moon system and, at the same time, wiped out all possible forms of life on Earth.”

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