Strange clips of a girl locked inside her apartment in Egypt..and the Ministry of Interior reveals

A strange and wondrous story witnessed by the communication sites in Egypt, which caused great confusion. The pioneers of communication circulated a video from an account on the “Tik Tok” website, whose owner confirmed that he had found a girl locked in an abandoned apartment asking for food from residents passing by in front of the apartment and telling her speakers that she had a brother named Benjamin.

The young man, Ahmed, broadcast video clips while he was talking to her from behind the door, and said that he was from Alexandria, and his story began when he heard strange sounds and screams emanating from inside an abandoned apartment, only to discover after that that there was a girl imprisoned inside this apartment.

The young man confirmed that he had communicated with more than one party to take care of this girl, adopt her condition, and find out the circumstances of her imprisonment.

For its part, the Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances and the truth of the incident. She said that it was possible to identify the person responsible for filming the video clip, and it turned out that he is a resident worker at the Dekheila Police Department in the Alexandria Security Directorate, and by summoning him and asking him, he decided that when he visited one of his relatives, who is a housewife, she informed him that there was a girl in an apartment on the ground floor of the property in which she resides, always screaming and asking for food from the people. .

The ministry stated that the young man went to the girl in the apartment, spoke to her, gave her some food, and left, adding that by moving to the apartment, it was found that she was neglected, and they met with its residents, who are a pension employee and his daughter.

The ministry added that by discussing the father and daughter, it became clear that they are psychologically shaken and live in the apartment, where the first goes out to ask for food from the parents at intervals and closes the door of the apartment for fear of his daughter leaving and not being able to return again.

The ministry revealed that the daughter is constantly screaming and asking for food from the residents of the property as soon as they pass in front of their apartment. The necessary measures have been taken.

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