“Spy whale” .. A new fate awaits the Russian “Valdemir”

After causing a stir around the world in 2019 due to his suspected involvement in espionage for Russia, the “spy whale” is waiting for good news these days.

and according The British Guardian newspaperThe whale nicknamed “Valdemir”, a white whale found in April 2019 off the coast of Norway, may remain in a nature reserve that allows it to “interact” with other whales after it has become annoying to fishermen.

The “Valdemir” was found near the fishing island of Engway, Norway, an Arctic island about 450 kilometers from the city of Murmansk, where the Russian Northern Fleet is based.

The whale drew attention because it was interacting with Norwegian fishing boats and tourists, but it also raised suspicions, as it was wearing a saddle with “St Petersburg equipment” written on it, and the media talked about the “spy whale.”

Conservationists said he is under threat from salmon farmers because he spends his time near their nets, eating fish that are attracted to salmon food.

British businessman, Adam Thorpe, was so moved by his story that he is now trying to raise funds to create the world’s first open water whale sanctuary in the Norwegian fjords.

Work is scheduled to begin on the 500-acre reserve, near Hammerfest, early next year.

The former real estate tycoon set up the OneWhale Charitable Foundation, which currently funds the monitoring and protection of “Valdemir”, and has funded studies allowing the creation of this reserve.

“Everyone fell in love with this whale from YouTube videos,” Thorpe said. “I read about him in National Geographic in 2019. He has a great personality. I thought if we could create a sanctuary or sanctuary that protects the whale from boat traffic, that’s it.” It means he can hunt for himself and lead a normal life as possible.”

The project hopes to enable whales to search for themselves, interact with each other, and eventually release them back into the seas.

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