Spending New Year’s Eve Alone? – Here are tips to beat loneliness

I wrote – Omnia Qalawun:

New Year passes for some people who are alone and feel lonely, with some other feelings, and mood swings, so mental health doctors recommend a number of techniques that may make it easier and make them overcome loneliness.

In the following report, The Consulto reviews ways to deal with loneliness on New Year’s Eve, according to the mental health website “Very well mind”.

Ways to deal with New Year’s Eve on your own

1- Dealing with negative thoughts

The negative thoughts that shake your heart on this day can be dealt with, by identifying the thought, evaluating it, and then turning it into a positive one, here’s how to deal with one of the negative thoughts that you have: In the same situation as you and your feelings of loneliness and that the future can not be judged, but you may not go through it again.

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2- Deal with being alone

You can accept the feeling of loneliness and that you are truly alone, and then plan to deal with the loneliness by making it something positive, and plan to do things on your own, such as traveling to a new place and enjoying the solitude of discovering new countries.

3- Watching movies

You can enjoy watching one of your favorite movies, have a healthy meal to enjoy the movie or prepare one of the healthy treats, and individual activities are one way to boost your mood and mental health.

4- The phone call

You can plan with someone to make a phone call to connect with others, just before midnight and start the countdown with a person, you can also use social networking applications such as Zoom or another application, you can also follow someone on the “Instagram” platform where people send a group of photos in local time to their country for New Year’s celebrations.

5- Cook a new meal

You can spend New Year’s Eve like any other, such as doing something as usual as cleaning the house, organizing the library, or cooking a new meal.

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