Southern Ukraine may drown.. Serious bombing of a dam in Kherson

After the famous Novakakhovka Dam formed in Kherson, southern Ukraine, Which is controlled by Russian forces, formerly a heavy subject for the exchange of accusations between Moscow and Kiev, the local authorities loyal to the Russians announced today, Sunday, that the huge dam was subjected to a Ukrainian bombardment.

The emergency services in the region confirmed that the dam was damaged by the bombing of the Ukrainian forces, TASS news agency reported.

It also clarified that 6 missiles launched from the US-made HIMARS system, hit the site and damaged it.

No water, no electricity

While the local authorities indicated a complete power outage. “As a result of a terrorist attack organized by the Ukrainian side, three concrete towers carrying high voltage lines on the Pereslav-Kakhovka axis were damaged,” she wrote in a statement on Telegram, adding that there is currently neither electricity nor water in the city and in some neighborhoods of the region.

dam bomb

Kyiv had previously accused Moscow of preparing to bomb the dam and huge hydroelectric power units, to cover up its losses and withdrawals from Kherson and other areas in the south, warning of a flood disaster that might resolve if the Russians implemented this scenario.

It also warned at the time that the dam’s explosion would drown “more than eighty towns, including Kherson, in the heart of the floods.”

However, Moscow has confirmed more than once that these accusations are false, and pave the way for covering a “Ukrainian move or plan” aimed at holding the Russian forces responsible for any disaster.

Russian withdrawals

Today’s bombing coincides with the continuation of the evacuation of residents from Kherson, which is the first major Ukrainian city that fell into the hands of Russian forces since the outbreak of the conflict on February 24, and amid reports of the withdrawal of the Russian army.

This city is also one of the four regions that the Kremlin announced in late September (2022) its annexation, and therefore the Ukrainian control over it again would constitute a painful blow to Moscow and the prestige of its army.

special location

In addition, Kherson’s geographical location is of particular importance, as the region is located on the borders of the Dnepropetrovsk and Nikolaev regions, and it has a land border with Crimea in the south, while overlooking the Black Sea in the southwest, and in the southeast on the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzov.

It is noteworthy that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has reached its eighth month, amid the continuation of mutual strikes between the two sides, and relatively slow progress at the present time, for the Ukrainian forces in their counter-attack launched last month to the south and east, after they recorded remarkable progress in the past at the expense of the Russian forces.

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