Solidarity with “Khansa Al-Weibdeh”… Her story shook the Jordanians

Jordanians have not forgotten Mrs. Abeer, who lost her three children, “Amira, Malak and Muhammad” in the catastrophe that was known at the time as the “Lweibdeh catastrophe”, where a large building fell in the center of the capital, Amman, and dozens of citizens died in it.

A residential building in the Al-Weibdeh area collapsed on the afternoon of September 13, and fell on a building next to it. The accident resulted in the death of 14 people, including women and children, and 9 people were injured.

• Khansa al-Weibdeh

In order to heal her wounds, which she will never forget, a Jordanian philanthropist donated money to the mother of the children, Abeer, to set up a shop in front of the collapsed residential building, so that she could continue her life and start her own project, which she and her children had always dreamed of, who left under the rubble of the Lweibdeh building.

Abeer, before the departure of her children, used to sell goods via “online” through a page on “Facebook”, and then communicate with the customer to supervise the delivery of goods, and her dream was of a small store that would contain her with her children after the departure of her husband two years before the tragedy, but the dream was not completed.

Mrs. Abeer named “Khansaa Al-Weibdeh” after her shop specialized in selling clothes and accessories, so that this name will be the title of her new stage that she will live behind her children, to live the dream that they have always dreamed of, but alone and with the memory of her children.

Jordanian panic

Immediately after the news of the opening of the “Khansa’a Al-Weibdeh” store spread, Jordanians and everyone who knew Abeer’s story rushed to her store to buy from him and support her financially and psychologically, due to the horror of the story that Abeer experienced during the loss of her children.

A large number of media professionals and social media activists attended the store to announce a large unpaid marketing campaign to come to the store and buy from it, with the aim of increasing Mrs. Abeer’s profit.

Abeer Khansa Al-Weibdeh

Abeer Khansa Al-Weibdeh

difficult memory

The bereaved mother, Abeer, told that returning to the same area in which her children died was not an easy decision, but God’s will and destiny and the patience that descended on her will give her the strength to complete her life to immortalize the names of her children in the “Lweibdeh” area.

Regarding her choice of the name “Khansaa Al-Weibdeh”, Abeer said that she hopes that God will inspire her with the patience of Al-Khansaa for the loss of her children, as she hopes to support her and provide her with all the observations that may improve the return of the financial store.

Who is Khansa Al-Weibdeh?

Mrs. Abeer or Khansa Amara Al-Weibdeh, is a mother who lost her three children in the collapse of the building in Al-Weibdeh, and they are Muhammad 17 years old, Amira 12 years old, and Malak 7 years old, noting that she lost her husband two years ago.

The story began when the two children, Malak and her sister, Amira, invited their friend Najd to their home to celebrate her birthday.

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