Snapchat launches new features and experiences on the occasion of the 2022 World Cup

Launched service Snapchat introduced a number of new features and experiences ahead of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, with the aim of enabling users to show support for their teams and keep up with the tournament.

And you get rid of New features The short video sharing service allows users to virtually wear their team’s sports uniforms, dress up their Bitmoji virtual characters, watch match highlights, and more.

Snapchat has partnered with Adidas to enable users to dress their Bitmoji characters in team uniforms, as well as access official team stickers and filters to decorate their snaps.

Snapchat Discover, the app’s curated content platform, will publish highlights, goals, player interviews, match analysis and behind the scenes content during the tournament in over 30 countries.

And at Spotlight, Snapchat’s in-app entertainment platform for user-generated content, users in the US will be able to submit Snaps for a chance to win cash prizes for creating high-performance Snaps using Lenses, Sounds, or specific Topics.

In addition, Snap Map will display curated stories of fans watching and celebrating their team during matches.

And users will be able to click on specific places to see the snapshots shared with everyone. Stories will include footage from watching parties, fan experiences, reactions in the stands, and key highlights of the matches.

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