Signs of defeat for Russia in Kherson and the generals decided to abandon it

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his forces face a new humiliating defeat as they abandon important strategic positions in the southern city of Kherson. Military analysts expect Kherson to be a gift to Ukrainians on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Kherson is the last city occupied by Russia on the western bank of the Dnipro River, which divides Ukraine with its flow in the middle of it “and it will be impossible for the Putinist forces to maintain a military presence on the other side of the river if the city falls” whose capture was the first major Russian victory in the campaign that began on 24 Last February, and since then it has stumbled and has not been resolved, according to what “Al” concluded, what was broadcast by the agencies, and what was stated in a report published by the British newspaper “The Times” on its website today, Friday.

‘Unworthy goal’

It seems with the approach of winter, that the Russian generals decided to abandon their foothold on the western bank of the river and focus on fortifying their positions on its eastern bank, according to what a Western official believed, who stated: “They began to consider the city as a target not worth fighting for, although the defensive barrier is The nature of the river is very valuable to them,” he said.

It is clear from videos circulated in the media that the Russian forces withdrew from the checkpoints and lowered the Russian flag from the main administrative building, including a clip broadcast in the communicative Telegram, of a Russian official telling civilians: “Everything is completely under control” while in a car fleeing the area, That official was none other than Kirill Stremousov, deputy head of the Military and Civil Administration in Kherson. He appeared to say in another video that life “continues as usual” despite sitting in the front seat of a car with bags covered in the back, indicating that he had left the area.

And the Russian supply lines were hit this week when a pontoon bridge, 10 kilometers from Kherson, was damaged after it was targeted by six American Himars missiles, while US officials apparently reported that the Russian forces are running out of ammunition, and that the Kremlin is importing artillery shells from North Korea. After Putin ordered the recruitment of 300,000 men, the mobilized forces “appeared on the front line without weapons,” while Russia justified the transfer of tens of thousands of conscripts across the river, as being in danger of a Ukrainian plan to flood the city by destroying a hydroelectric dam. As for fear of a Ukrainian “dirty bomb”.

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