Shocking news.. An Egyptian woman asks to pronounce the shahada before she was killed by her daughter and her lover

A horrific and painful crime took place in the city of Port Said, northeast of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, where a labor supervisor was killed by her daughter and her lover after she caught them inside her apartment for fear of being exposed.

Major General Medhat Abdel Rahim, Assistant Minister of Interior for Port Said Security, received a notification of the death of a forty-year-old woman inside her house in the new Fayrouz area of ​​Port Fouad, and a research team was formed to find out the causes of the accident.

The examination showed that the body of a 42-year-old woman named Dalia Samir Al-Houshi, who is married and supports 3 children, and works as a labor supervisor at Port Fouad General Hospital, was found inside her house in the Al-Fayrouz neighborhood, while her daughter said that a thief broke into their apartment and tried to steal it and had to kill her mother. After exposing him.

However, conflicting accounts from the daughter and the neighbors soon made the search threads turn in another direction, especially those accounts mentioned by the daughter about how the crime was discovered and where she was at the time of the accident.

According to the daughter’s narration, she was in a private lesson, and when she arrived at her home and before opening the door, she received a phone call from her neighbor, who has a good relationship with his family, informing her that her mother had been taken to the hospital, so she hurried to catch her without entering the apartment, while she said in another narration that she entered the apartment when she received a phone call from her neighbor.

The young neighbor gave another narration refuting what the daughter said, as he admitted that he learned from the neighbors and the daughter that a thief tried to break into the apartment to steal it, and was surprised by the presence of the mother, so he killed her, while the security men revealed a white T-shirt stained with blood in the apartment, and upon examining it, it was found that it belonged to the young neighbor.

Because of these conflicting accounts, the security men suspected the daughter and tightened the screws on her. She collapsed and confessed to the existence of a sinful relationship between her and the young neighbor, who is several years younger than her, and that she took advantage of her family’s absence to meet him inside her home.

She added that her mother returned from work early and unexpectedly, and surprised them inside the apartment in a disgraceful situation, so they tried to silence her before they were exposed, as the young man grabbed a piece of iron and fell on the mother’s head and killed her.

Confronting the neighbor accused of his girlfriend’s statements, he confessed his crime in detail, stressing that he only wanted to silence the mother so that he would not be exposed.

Immediately, the security forces arrested the daughter and her lover, while the prosecution called for forensic medicine to conduct an autopsy on the mother’s body.

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