Shocking footage.. Beating, torturing and stripping a Libyan child inside a mosque

In a shocking scene, a video clip of a Libyan child being tortured, severely beaten, and severely punished by an imam of a mosque, spread on social media during the past hours, while he was attending lessons on memorizing the Holy Qur’an.

In the video clip (which and refuse to publish due to its cruelty), a bearded sheikh appears as he abuses the child and beats him brutally, harshly, with all his strength, and successively all over his body after being tied and stripped, using a plastic tube, indifferent to his pleas and cries. From the severity of the pain, inside a teaching hall in a mosque during a lesson to teach the Holy Quran.

This scene sparked outrage and denunciation of activists on social media, calling for the necessity of arresting the teacher and the necessity of changing the methods used in teaching and teaching the Noble Qur’an to students, and the use of modern methods that are devoid of violence.

An activist called “Umm Waseem” wrote a post in which she called on the authorities to locate the mosque in which the incident took place, and to arrest the imam in order to protect the rest of the children, and considered that resorting to punishing students by beating would alienate them from studying and turn them into a violent generation.

While an activist called Bodour saw that the punishment of lazy students should not be with all this malice, hatred and intimidation, but with motivation, encouragement, follow-up and even prizes, because children are not equal in the ability to absorb and memorize.

For his part, the activist Moaz al-Tarhouni recalled in a post the first years of his studies, and said that he was beaten more than once, and that they were scenes that had not been erased from his memory to the extent of today, and that he could not overcome or forget them, and that he felt hatred and hatred for all the teachers who joined him. Harm.

On the other hand, activist Sherif Twaity considered that using this method to discipline children and students who are not diligent contributes to correcting their behavior, teaching them discipline, and motivating them to be more diligent and interested in their studies.

Libyan law prohibits principals, teachers and other school personnel from using beating and violence in all its forms against pupils and students, and anyone who violates this is subject to legal accountability.

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