Sherine’s brother attacks her and hints that she is with Hossam Habib

Crisis flares up Sherine Abdel Wahab With her brother again, after Sherine attacked him as soon as she left the hospital, and threatened him because of what she considered a conspiracy out of pity and brotherhood.

Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, Sherine’s brother, who forced her to enter the hospital, to be treated for drug addiction, decided to comment on her actions after her release from the hospital.

And through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”, he wrote, “God suffices me, and He is the best agent. You walk, a driver works with you, a 22-year-old grocery store.

Then he moved to comment on the termination of her relationship with Mimi Fouad, her former business manager, and how, within days, he turned into “Mimi,” according to Sherine’s statement.

Where her brother commented, “The one who made his home famous has a picture of him writing the most beautiful man in Egypt,” expressing his surprise at what she did with him, and ending the working relationship between them.

At the end of his comment, Mohamed Abdel Wahab hinted at the presence of Hossam Habib, her ex-husband, with her, which Sherine denied as soon as a picture of them came out.

Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab wrote, “I wonder, after all this, Lucy Ibn Tant is a fakiha… who you have been with since the hour you left… in the villa of his relatives in the “Land Mark” is happy?”

This sparked a great deal of controversy, with everyone linking Hossam Habib to what Muhammad Abdel Wahhab mentioned, despite the fact that he did not mention his name in the hadith.

But the surprise was what Hossam Habib published through the feature of comics on “Instagram”, where he wrote, “You are upset, my watermelon.”

Which was interpreted by some as an indirect response to Sherine Abdel Wahab’s brother, and his being angry at the departure of those who were reporting his sister’s news to him.

It seems that the crisis will not stop there, in light of the flare-up again after Sherine was discharged from the hospital, and he promised her to her brother because of what he had done.

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