Sherine ignores addiction: I only follow my psychotherapy

Amid the calls of some and the denunciation of others, it appeared Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab Her fans must finally announce her return to her ex-husband, Hossam Habib.

Perhaps the details of the recent crisis of the owner of “Ah Ya Lil” were the most prominent headlines for more than 4 weeks ago, in which the beloved artist occupied people’s lives on a daily basis.

What about addiction?

While Sherine reassured her fans about her private life, the medical aspect remained the cornerstone of the horse. The Egyptian star ignored the issue of addiction, because of which she was admitted to a clinic for treatment and stayed there until she left a few days ago.

She also did not directly state about the matter, but merely said that she was treated psychologically only, explaining that she had spent a good time in the hospital, where she benefited from the psychological treatment that she is still following.

Despite that, she confirmed that she had experienced difficult days in the sanatorium because her entry was not of her own accord, saying in the Egyptian dialect: “I took a traitor,” referring to her brother’s forcing her to hospitalize and be treated.

On this matter, the artist thanked her brother, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, for what he had done, stressing that the medical staff was kind and professional with her, and that she would give up all her complaints against him in the courts.

Take drugs

Sherine’s announcement came weeks after a crisis that caused pain to millions of her fans in Egypt and the Arab world, especially since the artist’s family had set off a heavy-caliber surprise when she announced her hospitalization for drug addiction treatment.

At the time, her brother and mother called everyone to save her from her ex-hussam Habib and producer Sarah El-Tabbakh, stressing that they were inciting her to use drugs.

Until Sherine appeared on Friday evening, announcing that she wrote her book on her former ex-husband, Hossam Habib, again, after their separation at the end of last year, days after her discharge from the hospital.

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