Sherine explodes an unexpected surprise: She married Hossam Habib

In a heavy and unexpected surprise, I came out Egyptian actress Sherine Abdel Wahab On her silence, she declared, she wrote her book on her former ex-husband, Hossam Habib, again after their separation at the end of last year.

“I apologize to Hossam Habib, and I want my personal life to be private,” she said in a telephone conversation with the Egyptian media, Amroud Adib, for the “Al-Hekaya” program on MBC Egypt 2, on Friday evening.

She also confirmed that they were victims of “something bigger than them”, hinting that she had made a mistake in publishing her personal news in public.

Sherine pointed out that Hossam Habib is “the love of her life”, stressing that the latter was the one who offered her to marry again, and therefore she agreed.

The program’s episode witnessed the presentation of the Egyptian artist’s marriage contract, where she and Hussam Habib were present, with the authorized person who performed the marriage contract.

I waived the cases I brought against my brother.

Sherine also announced that she is in good health and grateful to her fans in all the Arab world, announcing the waiver of the cases she filed against her brother Muhammad Abdel Wahab, “I am tolerant, and I cannot do that to him.”

“I cannot be the reason for my mother’s sadness because of my disagreement with my brother,” she added.

“I am continuing my psychotherapy”

The owner of “Mashasir” also expressed that she spent a good time in the hospital, stressing that she had benefited from the psychological treatment that she is still following.

But at the same time, she confirmed that she had difficult days in the hospital, adding, “Because I took Khawana.”

She thanked her brother, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, for sending her to this hospital, stressing that the medical staff was kind and professional with her.

Hossam Habib joked: She convinced me

Hossam Habib, in turn, stressed his love for Sherine, and that he was sad about what happened to her in the recent period, indicating that they promised each other that each party would honor the other, and that their lives would be theirs alone.

To confirm during his speech that Sherine was the one who convinced him to return, and then joked that she would kill him because of what he mentioned in the intervention, but he returned and stressed his strong love for her.

A crisis that preoccupied public opinion

This resounding surprise came after a crisis that preoccupied Egyptian and Arab public opinion during the last period, after the owner of a “second wound” entered a hospital for addiction treatment weeks ago and was discharged from it a few days ago in good health. Her lawyer, Yasser Kantoush, issued a statement revealing that she was beaten and dragged by her brother, to respond The latter hinted that she had returned to Hossam Habib again.

Sherine also officially separated from her husband at the beginning of last December, after a marriage that lasted nearly 4 years. She said at the time that the conditions for returning to Hossam “require a miracle”, denying what was published by Habib’s father about the existence of negotiations to return, and described it as lying and slanderous.

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