Sherine and Menna Shalaby’s addiction, and the differences of Muhammad Ramadan.. Star crises in 2022

A few days, and the curtain falls on the current year, so that we will welcome a new year after it, but some will remain paused in the face of the stormy crises that occurred this year.

Sherine Abdel Wahab The most prominent of these faces, as she topped the search engines for months, due to her differences with her husband, Hossam Habib, who announced her separation from him and the war against him to recover her rights, before everyone was surprised by her entering a clinic for addiction treatment by a decision from her family, but the successive events revealed after that her exit and return to Hossam Habib again without any introductions.

Sherine has not yet gone out to talk about the scenes of the last months of her life, amid anticipation from the audience for her artistic future, in light of her talk about new works in singing and acting, but they have not been released yet.

Minnah Shalabi

Minnah Shalabi

The last days of this year witnessed a sudden crisis for the Egyptian artist, Menna Shalaby, who was stopped at Cairo Airport while she was returning from abroad, as a quantity of narcotic drugs was seized with her.

The Public Prosecution decided to refer her to the Criminal Court on charges of using marijuana in cases other than those authorized by law, provided that the trial begins next January.

The referral represented a major shock to the Egyptian artistic community, as the Syndicate of Representative Professions was angry at the way the case was dealt with, and demanded to wait for the outcome of the judiciary, before issuing the decision of the Public Prosecution.

Mohamed Ramadan

Mohamed Ramadan

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, had a lot of crises this year, as his famous dispute and mutual issues between him and the Egyptian media, Amr Adeeb, continue.

The current year also witnessed a major crisis in Alexandria Governorate, when there were demands to cancel the Ramadan ceremony there, which he responded to by traveling to Alexandria in order to communicate and interact with the public, but the ceremony was eventually canceled.

The Musicians Syndicate was not without crises this year, as Hani Shaker resigned due to an altercation that occurred during a press conference in which he was present, after which Mustafa Kamel replaced him as the Musicians Syndicate’s captain.

However, Kamel entered into rapid crises with a number of singing people within the syndicate, as he issued successive decisions banning some artists from singing.

The Cairo Festival caused a crisis of another kind, when Hussein Fahmy, the festival’s president, refused to invite the artist Hassan Youssef, because of the latter’s statements in which art was forbidden, which prompted Omar Hassan Youssef to strongly attack Hussein Fahmy, and he directed many criticisms for his position. The head of the festival from his father.

Elham Shaheen

Elham Shaheen

Elham Shaheen’s statements also sparked a crisis between her and the retired artist, Mayar El-Beblawi, but Elham Shaheen refused to clash with her, and confirmed that she did not know her and would not give importance to her speech.

The same thing happened between Elham Shaheen and Ghada Ibrahim as well, as Elham Shaheen prevented her from being present at the funeral of Samir Sabry, so that Ghada Ibrahim came out and attacked her severely, but Elham decided to ignore her and not respond.

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