Sheikh Tareeqa leads the trend in Sudan.. Concerts and a plane carrying his followers to the World Cup

Over the past two days, communication sites in Sudan have been busy with a video clip of the sheikh of the Qadiriyya method, the Discovery, Al-Amin Omar Al-Amin, while he was swaying with joy among others in a circle of praise similar to singing concerts.

However, the controversy left behind by the appearance of Sheikh Al-Amin in the aforementioned clip was not heresy, as the man used to stir up controversy vigorously over the past years in an unusual way among the sheikhs of the Sufi orders in Sudan.

The man does not stop raising controversy about him, starting with the manifestations of outrageous wealth, passing through the scattering of money on the head of one of the singers, and receiving the governor of the Darfur region, Minni Arko Minawi, by shooting in the air when he visited him in Omdurman last year, and recently renting a private plane for his followers and friends to attend the World Cup finals. Diameter.

Social media trend

These showman movements often find their way to social networking sites, peaking and turning into a “trend” that fills and occupies people.

Interactors are usually divided about the man’s actions. The disaffected consider his behavior contrary to the essence of Sufism, which encourages asceticism, austerity, and frugality in worldly pleasures. They consider the man’s rise as a stark expression of the prevailing state of emptiness in various fields.

As for the supporters, they say that Sheikh Al-Amin succeeded in dissolving the differences and breaking the artificial barriers between Sufism and modern life, and that elegance and simplicity are required, because the groups he targets with his call need a kind of flexibility, especially the youth.

Sheikh Al-Amin is known for his keen interest in social media, and this explains his frequent appearances on communication sites, in addition to his interest in elegance and good dress.

A private plane for the Qatar World Cup

Sheikh Al-Amin surprised everyone by announcing the rental of a private plane for his followers and friends to attend the final of the World Cup in Doha. Al-Amin deplored the suspicions raised by some imams about the interest in the World Cup, and said that the Doha World Cup is a pride for Arabs and Muslims, and reflects the civilized face of the Arab-Islamic civilization.

Indeed, the plane landed in Doha on the tenth of December, carrying 170 people of different age groups, 70% of whom are men and 30% are women.

Visiting a sworn enemy

The wonders and oddities of the man did not stop there, and at the end of last November, he recorded a visit to Sheikh Muhammad Al-Mustafa Abdel-Qader at the Al-Rashad Islamic Complex in Omdurman. And headed by Sheikh Al-Amin himself.

While Al-Amin said that “the visit aimed to renounce hate speech between religious sects,” many considered it to confirm the man’s ability to penetrate and win over those who disagree with him.

In the past, Sheikh Al-Amin tried to play political roles, and it was reported that the ousted President Omar Al-Bashir used him to break the impasse between his regime and some countries.

Dr. Asmaa Jumaa, a sociologist, told, “This phenomenon expresses a kind of distortion of awareness of religion, as it achieves the desire for a person’s social appearance, and provides prestige without any cost. Apparent religiosity is not difficult, all What a person needs to achieve status is to wear religious clothes and invent a style to attract others without having to apply the spirit and essence of religion.”

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