She sailed alone to Italy.. the new girl of the boat that occupied Tunisia

More than a month after she sailed alone to Italy on an illegal immigrant boat, she returns 4 year old girlToday, Thursday, to her family in Tunisia, to embrace her mother, who has been repeating her name and asking about her.

The Tunisian Ministry of Women, Family and Childhood announced that the decision to return the little girl came after the Italian judiciary agreed to hand her over to the General Delegate for Childhood Protection to return her to her family.

Her story preoccupied Tunisians

And she was baby linda, During the first week of last month, she arrived on the Italian island of Lampedusa, alone, on a boat crowded with illegal immigrants, after she was separated from her parents and placed there in a specialized care center, in a story that occupied local public opinion.

While the girl’s parents were under investigation in Tunisia, and a decision was issued to prevent them from traveling.

While the Tunisian authorities insisted on returning the child to her country, taking into account her interest and her presence among her family and in her family environment, and sent a team to retrieve her.

However, the Italian judiciary initially refused to extradite her, claiming that the appropriate conditions for her care were not available, only to come back later and agree to that.

The story of a girl who sailed alone in a boat of death

withdraw myself

As the official spokesman for the Monastir and Mahdia courts, Farid bin Jahha, explained, in media statements, that the Italian judiciary’s approval to return her came after it was confirmed that the child’s relationship with her parents was very close, in addition to Linda expressing her urgent desire to return, especially after she suffered from a crisis of psychological isolation. Because of her separation from her family.

He also added that the Italian judiciary recognized in its ruling that the best interest of the child lies in returning to her country, and ordered the initiation of procedures for her return.

It is noteworthy that Tunisia has been witnessing, for months, an unprecedented escalation of illegal immigration operations, amid an alarming increase in the number of minors who have chosen to embark on this adventure, either with their families or on their own, despite the land and sea surveillance campaigns.

A boat carrying migrants from Tunisia to Italy (archive - France Press)

A boat carrying migrants from Tunisia to Italy (archive – France Press)

Despite the many drowning incidents, clandestine migration operations continue, as the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights estimated that about 500 Tunisian families migrated to the Italian coast this year.

It also counted more than 13,500 Tunisian irregular immigrants who left from the Tunisian coast, including about 2,600 minors and 640 women, while about 600 people are missing.

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